Our Lord Has Risen!

Dear Crusaders of Fatima,

The Lord has risen, alleluia He has truly risen. Alleluia, alleluia.

It’s during the Easter season from Holy Saturday until Pentecost that we recite the Regina Coeli at noon instead of the Angelus. It is a custom that dates back to the 13th century in the church.  This prayer reminds us of Easter, and our need to be mindful of those areas in our life we worked on during Lent. When our Lord conquered death by His resurrection he opened the gates of Heaven which enabled us to share Eternal Life with Him, his Mother, the saints, and our loved ones.  Christ prophesied His rising from the dead, yet His disciples had a hard time grasping His meaning until after His Resurrection. Imagine the joy they must have felt when He appeared to them. They saw for themselves that “He has risen, as he said,” as we read in Matthew’s Gospel (28:6) and in the Regina Coeli

Queen of Heaven, rejoice. Alleluia.

For He, whom thou did merit to bear. Alleluia.

Has risen as He said. Alleluia.

Pray for us to God. Alleluia.

V. Rejoice and be glad, O Virgin Mary. Alleluia.

R. Because the Lord has truly risen, Alleluia.

Let us pray

O God, Who by the Resurrection of Thy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, has been pleased to give joy to the whole world, grant we beseech Thee, that through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, His Mother, we may attain the joys of eternal life. Through the same Christ, our Lord.


On April 8 Divine Mercy Sunday from 3-4pm you are invited to a Holy Hour of Mercy, Eucharistic Adoration at St. Columbkill Church in Brighton MA. Hope you can make it.

Construction on the St. Gabriel project will begin in early April, there will be construction fences put up around the property. Once construction begins parking may not be available, they will be digging up Monastery Road to bring in new utilities. The construction schedule for the first phase could be eighteen months to two years and will affect two candlelight seasons.  We will be making a decision in regards to the Candlelight processions soon, and may temporarily schedule them off-site during construction. We will let you know when a decision is made. We will continue to have our First Saturday devotion at the shrine for the duration but may have to suspend the rosary procession portion of it temporarily. The First Saturday in April we should be fine, we will let you know in the next Newsletter about our plans for May.

If people would like to make a donation to the Crusaders of Fatima Inc. you can do so by sending a donation to the PO Box address listed at the bottom of the page, or you can make a donation through our new website. Just hit the donate button.The new Website address is http/

We are interviewing contractors to fix the flat portion of the roof which that is leaking and would like to thank all of you who have made a donation toward it.


Rev. Dermot Roache SMA will be presiding over our First Saturday devotion in April.