3.       First Friday.

4.       First Saturday

5.       Palm Sunday

9.       Holy Thursday.

10.     Good Friday.

11.     Holy Saturday.

12.     Easter Sunday

19.     Divine Mercy Sunday

25.     St. Mark

28.     St. Louis de Montfort

29.     St. Catherine of Siena


The Corona virus has thrown us all for a loop, and has forced us to change our plans and accept the mortification’s that has been placed upon us.  Let us approach this with the spirit of the season of Lent.  We as Christians should be well equipped to deal with such impositions.  My concern is for all of you who may be in that targeted group of people who may be susceptible to the virus.  Be assured that you are in our prayers and that this will not last. This will come to an end soon.  This situation has caused us to cancel most of the Devotional services at the Shrine for the next several weeks, we are still hoping to have the First Saturday in May.  We are also aware and planning for the upcoming Candlelight Season to be held at the Shrine this year with great anticipation.  The grounds as well as the shrine is looking better every day; it is really a beautiful setting.  Improvements continue and we are trying to keep the shrine open on a daily basis for those who would like to stop by to pray.



The Sunday Rosary for peace will continue throughout this period; a small number of us have been meeting at the shrine to pray for all those affected by this virus and for all your intentions.



We are respecting the Cardinals directive, and have cancelled the First Saturday Mass at the Shrine for April.  There will be no First Saturday Devotion at the shrine on April 4th.



Because of the virus we will not be having adoration at the shrine on the Third Saturday of April which is the 18th.  However we will have the shrine opened for anyone who wishes to stop by and pray a rosary.


REMINDER:  I wish to thank all of those who have donated a chair in a loved one’s memory.  If you would like to donate a chair please contact us.  If you would like to make a donation of any kind or remember us in your will, all gifts are tax deductible.


ST. LOUIS de MONFORT:  St. Louis de Montfort 1673 – 1716 is noted for his several writings, the most famous are “The True Devotion to Mary”, “The Secrets of the Rosary,” and “The Secrets of Mary.”  He preached a sure way to heaven is to be united to Jesus through Mary.  He developed a 33 day consecration to Jesus through Mary of which many of the modern saints have adopted including many of the popes.  St. John Paul II took for his motto Totus tuus from de Montfort meaning totally yours.  He founded two religious orders; The Daughters of Wisdom, and the Montfort Fathers, as well as the brothers of St. Gabriel.  There is a statue of this great saint both in St. Peters Basilica in Rome and at the Basilica of The Lady of The Rosary at the Cova de Iria in Fatima Portugal.  He was canonized in 1947, and made a doctor of the church by St. John Paul II.  He also inspired many lay movements such as the Legions of Mary.  His feast day is April 28th; St. Louis de Montfort:  Pray for us.