The progress on the construction in and around the shrine continues, but not as quickly as hoped for.   And as a result we have relocated the First Saturday and the Candlelight Procession in August.  It looks like at this point we will have to reschedule the September events as well.  The Contractors are a little behind schedule for the overall project that is impacting our ability to access the Shrine.  The work being done to the shrine has been delayed because of damage to the roof.  We are now accessing the damage and plan on moving forward with the work.  We will definitely be back at the shrine come October, unfortunately the delays will affect plans we have been discussing for an anniversary celebration, and for fall activities.   The Developer plans on having phase I of the project opened by October with the apartments in the monastery and building #1 rented.  The landscaping has been scheduled for September, which includes the irrigation, seeding and planting around the shrine.  The planned work on the intersection at Washington St. and the property is scheduled to begin sometime in August which is crucial for access to the shrine and the site.  A new sidewalk, traffic light and entrance to the property will all be part of that work.  I know it feels like it’s been a long time, and we all miss the shrine.  Our Lady asked the children at Fatima to make sacrifices for poor souls and the conversion of sinners.  I recommend that we take this opportunity to offer sacrifices.  I know it will be well worth the wait when it is completed.  We ask for your continued prayers for the work being done and all the improvements being made to the shrine and the property.

The First Saturday on August 3rd will be held at St. Mary’s Chapel at Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA.  The Rev. Ron Tacelli SJ. will preside at the Mass, which will be followed by rosary, and coffee.  The priest will be available for confession and there will be a meditation.

The Candle light procession on August 13th will be held at St. Columbkill’s Church, 521 Market St. Brighton MA. This is to commemorate the apparition’s that took place 101 years ago, as Our Lady said to the children; “I want you to come here on the 13th of each month, and to pray the rosary.”

We would like to thank St. Elizabeth’s hospital Chaplin for allowing us to come there on Sundays at 3pm to say the Rosary for peace while the Shrine is receiving a face lift.  Many prayers are being answered.

The summer is flying by let us take the time to reflect on the beauty of God’s creation.   We also ask for your prayers for all Crusaders who have passed, and for those who are sick, we especially would like to keep in our prayers Margaret Peg Collins.  On August 9th we celebrate the feast of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) I will end with a quote from John Paul II in a homily at her canonization: “The mystery of the Cross gradually enveloped her whole life, spurring her to the point of making the supreme sacrifice. As a bride on the Cross, Sr Teresa Benedicta did not only write profound pages about the “science of the Cross”, but was thoroughly trained in the school of the Cross. Many of our contemporaries would like to silence the Cross. But nothing is more eloquent than the Cross when silenced! The true message of suffering is a lesson of love. Love makes suffering fruitful and suffering deepens love.’