Dear Crusaders of Fatima,

The month of June starts on First Friday followed by the First Saturday and the Feast of Corpus Christi on Sunday the 3rd. The following weekend the Church celebrates the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on Friday, and then on Saturday the 9th, the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The candlelight procession on June 13th falls on the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua as always, and the entire month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We end the month with the Nativity of St. John the Baptist on the 24th and the 29th with Peter and Paul. The summer months lay ahead with longer days, warmer weather.  Let us consider in our prayer that summer fashions don’t distract the young of the need to practice the virtue of modesty and prudence. The construction of the St. Gabriel project has begun with the installation of construction fences going up around the property. Parking will be available on Washington St. and in front of the school/rectory for the First Saturday or just visiting the shrine.  You will have to walk around the fencing and enter the shrine from the stairs on Washington St.  The work on the Monastery building will begin with abatement inside, and the demolition of the retreat house that connects the Monastery with the Church. There will be a separate fence up around the church and Monastery, while a different contractor works on those buildings. I will be posting updates on our website as work progresses. If you have any questions, you could call us at the shrine or write to us, or you can also contact us online at http/  The construction around the shrine has caused a concern for safety as well as parking issues and as a result St. Columbkille Church in Brighton MA. will host the Candlelight Vigil on June 13th again.  We anticipate as a temporary solution to host the candlelight vigils offsite on the 13th of the month for the remainder of the year. We will announce where they will be held as soon as we have made the necessary arrangements. The First Saturday devotions will continue to be held at the Shrine throughout construction, and the Shrine will be opened as usual.
The work replacing the lower flat roof has been completed thanks to the Hickey Company LLC who has done a wonderful job. They will also be looking at the lower portion of the side roof. A special thank you to all of you who have made donations to help defray the cost. We are also in the process of negotiating a final exclusive easement agreement that will allow us to continue these devotions on site for generations to come. I would encourage you to check out our Blog on our new website, there is a new posting about the Rosary Priest written by Dr. Helen Jackson, and on June 10, 2018, there will a Celebration at 500 Washington Street North Easton, Massachusetts from 1 – 3 PM Starting with a Eucharistic Procession, The Rosary and Concluding with Holy Mass, honoring the life of Venerable Father Patrick Peyton who coined the phrase “A family who prays together, stays together.”
If anyone would like to make a donation to the Crusaders of Fatima Inc. you can do so by sending a donation to the PO Box address listed at the bottom of the page, or you can make a donation through our website. Just hit the donate button. The new Website address is http/

The Rev. Al Winshman S.J. will be presiding at our First Saturday devotion in June.

The Rev. Philip Dabney C.Ss.R, from the Mission Church, will officiate the Candlelight Vigil