SHRINE NEWS: We are working on the capability of providing live streaming services from the shrine, so people who cannot attend for whatever reason will be able to view from our live feed on our website, stay tuned.  October is the month of the Rosary, as well as Pro-Life month. The two are linked together. The violence and rioting we see throughout the country is the aftermath of the institutionalization of sin.  We are seeing the results played out in our streets.  The very thought of introducing or imposing marxist ideology into the mainstream tenets of our culture and government is the poison that Our Blessed Mother warned us about at Fatima.  “I will come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart and for the practises of the Five First Saturdays.” She warned us if her request were not heeded, Russia would spread her errors throughout the world.  Who would’ve thought that this country would fall for such toxic propaganda after all that America has done to combat these forces while liberating many from its treacherous lies.  My fellow Crusaders now more than ever our nation needs our prayers, without them we will cease being that last great beacon of freedom in the world. The errors of Russia in the form of marxist ideology appear to be engulfing the entire world, add to it  the lack of respect for human life it is no wonder that Satan appears to have the upper hand and is leading us to a precipice. We are witnessing  the loss of a great number of souls through human sacrifice, the breakdown of the family, lawlessness, violence and anarchy. We have received a call from heaven, a call from the Cova, from our Lady to be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, to take up our weapons, the rosary and scapular to help prevent the annihilation of nations including our own. Remember our Lady’s words that Hell is a place where many souls go who have no one to pray for them, pray for the poor souls, make sacrifices, live a spirit of penance, frequent the sacraments especially reconciliation and the Eurcharist.  Remember it is for “The Love of Jesus Christ, the conversion of sinners and to atone for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

The Sunday Rosary for peace continues with a small number who have been meeting at the shrine to pray for all those affected by this virus, for all your intentions, and for Peace at 2:00 PM.  Please feel free to join us.

On October 3rd, we will celebrate the First Saturday Mass and devotion at the Shrine.  We asked that you use your own judgement and stay home if you are sick or feel compromised because of a pre-existing condition in any way.  We asked that you wear face masks and keep a healthy social distance from each other while at the shrine.  We will have hand sanitizer on hand.  Mass will begin at 9am;  Rev. Ed Riley will celebrate the mass. There will be coffee and doughnuts after the Rosary in Maker Hall, formally the church.

CANDLELIGHT PROCESSION:  The last Candle light procession of the season will take place at the shrine on Tuesday October 13th.  I hope you can join us.  The service begins at 8pm and there is plenty of space outside to maintain social distancing.   We look forward to welcoming Rev. Michael Harrington back to the shrine who will preside over the services. The 103rd anniversary of the “The Miracle of the Sun.”

REMINDER: To help send in a donation using the mailing address below, every little bit helps.  A Pro-Life Rosary is being offered at the Shrine daily around noon if you would like to join. “In October I will tell you who I am.”   “I am The Lady of The Rosary.”  Thank You all for all you contribute to help bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.!