As construction continues we anticipate work being wrapped around October.  We are very hopeful at this point that we will be celebrating the First Saturday in October at the shrine.  The work being done really looks great, the entire inside of the shrine has been painted, and the back wall has been completely re-done with drywall and paint.  The roof has been repaired.  The developer has produced a website featuring a model apartment unit you could examine.  I believe they have a model apartment that you can visit as well on site or at the rental offices.  Irrigation has been install all around the shrine which will add to the beautification of the property.


Come and help us celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Penafrancia on the First Saturday in September, which will be held at St. Anthony’s Parish, 43 Holton St. Allston, MA 02134.  The Rev. Peru Dayag SVD. will preside at the Mass, which will be followed by rosary, and a Pot luck brunch.  The priest will be available for confessions and there will be a 15 min meditation on the mysteries of the rosary before Mass. This celebration is an annual event that is co-hosted with the Greater Filipino Community of Boston.

The Candle light procession on September 13th will be held at St. Columbkill’s Church at 521 Market St. Brighton MA. 8:30 pm.  Make note of the time change from 8pm to 8:30pm.  ” Rev. Michael Sheehan FPO will preside. Exposition will take place during the service.


Once again we would like to thank St. Elizabeth’s hospital Chaplin for allowing us to pray the Rosary for peace on Sundays at 3 pm in the hospital chapel while the Shrine is receiving a face lift.  Many prayers are being answered.  Please keep in your prayers for all those who sent in prayer request online.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1917
“A crowd estimated at 20,000 observed atmospheric phenomena similar to those of the previous apparitions: the sudden cooling of the air, a dimming of the sun to the point where the stars could be seen, and a rain resembling iridescent petals or snowflakes that disappeared before touching the ground.
This time, a luminous globe was noticed which moved slowly and majestically through the sky from east to west and, at the end of the apparition, in the opposite direction. The seers saw a light, and, immediately following this, they saw Our Lady over the holm oak.” ANF

During the September apparition Our Lady ask the children to pray the Rosary to obtain the end of the war. Then she told the children that in October Our Lord will come, Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Joseph and the child as well to bless the world.  She then thanked them for their sacrifices and that God was pleased with them, but he did not want them to sleep with the ropes on, just to wear them during the day, the children were wearing ropes around their waists as a sacrifice for sinners.  Lucia asked Our Lady to intercede to heal some people, Our Lady said some will be cured others no.  Then she told them that in October she will perform a miracle for all to believe and then she left them.  Let us anticipate our own October miracle in having the shrine completed for us after wandering in the wilderness for the past months. Please pray for all past, present, and future Crusaders of Fatima.