News:  The First Saturday in September has traditionally been celebrated at the shrine in conjunction with the celebration of Our Lady of Penafrancia. A large constituents of the Filipino community of greater Boston come and celebrate this feast along with the regular First Saturday group of Crusaders.  It is a great time of Year and one of the biggest festivals we celebrate at the shrine.  The event this year will start off with a Holy hour of adoration at 8:oo am.  At 9:00 am we will celebrate a beautiful mass and a rosary procession to cap off the 9 day novena. Then everyone comes together for a wonderful lunch with some of the most delicious home made dishes ever made. We suggest bringing with your rosaries a big appetite, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the shrine. 

The Novena begins on August 26th and the following website has all the prayers to be recited each day:  The story of Our Lady of Peñafrancia began in Paris on September 4th, 1401 when Simon Vela was born. While born into a rich family he eventually gave all his riches to the church, charities, and the poor. Simon preferred to spend time in the church and one day lost consciousness while devoutly praying. He was awoken by a voice, telling him to travel to Peña de Francia (Rock of France), where he would find the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For five disheartening years Simon traveled west and came across a hill in which he saw the Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus in her arms. There, with the help of five men from a nearby town, he began to dig where she had directed, and on May 19th, 1434, they uncovered an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus.


FIRST SATURDAY:   On Saturday September 3rd,  join us as we celebrate the First Saturday Mass and devotion in conjunction with the celebration of Our Lady of Penafrancia with the Fillipinos Devotees of Our Blessed Mother and the Crusaders of Fatima; the celebrant will be the Rev. Chrys Exaltacion.  Confessions, Rosary procession, fellowship and lunch will be provided.


CANDLELIGHT PROCESSION: Join us for our Candlelight Processions on Tuesday September 13th.   We will start with the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at 8pm. The Rev. Joseph Medio F.P.O will preside.


MMP PRAYER CENACLE:   The next Marian Movement of Priest prayer Cenacles will be held at the shrine on Thursday September  15 the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows at 9:00 am. Please join us as we pray for priests, peace and the family..


SANTO ROSARIO: Santuario Nuestra Señora de Fátima. The Spanish Community of St. Columbkille’s most Holy Rosary group meets at the shrine at 3pm every First Saturday of the month for song, prayer and fellowship all are welcomed.


SUNDAY ROSARY FOR PEACE: There are many of us who meet at the shrine every Sunday to come together to pray The Rosary for peace.  We begin around 2pm, all are welcomed.


REMINDER:   A Pro-Life Rosary for our nation continues at the Shrine daily around noon all are welcomed; With a special attention given to the devotion of the Holy Face of Christ, and the Flame of Love. If you would like to lead this rosary we are looking for someone to keep this devotion going on Fridays at noon.  A monthly pro-life mass is in the planning. TBD